The 6 Most Important Benefits of Organic Farming

The 6 Most Important Benefits of Organic Farming


What is Organic Farming?

Organic farming is a method that involves growing and protecting crops without the use of chemical based fertilizers and pesticides.

Most Important Benefits of Organic Farming:

  1. Organic farming Improves the quality of soil.

Organic Farming improves the quality of soil because organic fertilizers having more PH molecule which work as a conditioner for the soil, that will help crop to grow well and make roots comfortable and healthy.

2. Organic farming fosters biodiversity.

Organic farms in contrast use no herbicides and fewer pesticides, have more organic matter in the soil, and tolerate hedges or other uncultivated areas. All this makes them a haven for species of plants, insects, birds, and animals.

3. Natural and better taste

Those that have tasted organically farmed foods would agree to the fact that they have a natural and better taste. The natural and superior taste comes from the well balanced and nourished soil. Organic farmers always prioritize quality over quantity.

4. Direct support to farming

Purchasing foods items from organic farmers is the investment you are doing for your health, Farmers will get the benefit of getting good crop by using organic fertilizer. Government now a day promoting organic farming and helping farmers by providing relieves in loans and providing subsidies.

5. Beneficial for health of human being.

It is also beneficial for the health of human being as now a day many people are dying because of chemical reactions and by follow organic farming and eating organic food one can live life happily.

6. To conserve agricultural diversity

Now a day, it is normal to hear in news about extinct species and this should be a major concern. In the last century alone, it is approximated that 75 percent of agricultural diversity of crops has been wiped out. A classic example is a potato. There were different varieties available in the marketplace. Today, only one species of potato dominates.


However, not all products that claim to be organic truly meet strict organic regulations. To be organic, crops must be grown in safe soil that is free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals. The term organic also refers to the way agricultural products are grown and processed.